Sunday, July 10, 2016

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Julianna Pena vs Cat Zingano

Here's the match video of Julianna Pena vs Cat Zingano from UFC 200 in Las Vegas. This fight has title contender implications. Cat has been off for over a year since she lost to Ronda Rousey. She's from Denver but she now trains at Alliance in San Diego. When a fighter takes that much time off and it's not for an injury, the question is can she get her head back in the game. Of course Cat is a fan favourite and many fans feel she got a raw deal. I think a lot of them were underestimating Julianna because of their feelings for Cat. Taking feelings out of it, I thought the fight would be very competitive. Julianna trains at Sikjitsu in Spokane and she's looked good since returning from knee surgery last year. This fight was all about control. In round one, Cat scored a couple of takedowns. She remained in top position but didn't do much with it. And though Julianna was active from the bottom, top position is king. So I scored round one 10-9 for Cat. Cat scored another takedown at the start of round two. But Julianna reversed it and she maintained top position for the rest of the round. So I scored round two 10-9 for Julianna. Julianna continued to maintain top position in round three. She tried for a couple of submissions but the control won her a unanimous decision win. It's funny because neither fighter sustained any damage. The win sets up Julianna for a possible title shot. I'm not sure there was anything wrong with Cat except that Julianna was better than her on this day. Enjoy the video!

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  1. I feel for Cat Zingano, I was rooting for her and thought she would win. I was wrong. But I still hope to see more of her in the future. She is a fighter and a good one at that. I think she needs to train harder and get back in the octagon.