Thursday, July 14, 2016

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Cortney Casey vs Cristina Stanciu

Here's the match video for Cortney Casey vs Cristina Stanciu from last night's UFC show in Sioux Falls, SD. The thing I noticed the most was how much bigger Cortney is. She probably should be fighting at 125lb. She was competitive in her first two losses. I think she really wanted to show she belongs in the UFC. Cortney immediately scores a takedown and begins pounding from top position. The dominant position seemed to give her a lot of confidence. So when Cortney took Cristina down a second time, she pounded her until the ref stopped the fight. Maybe Cristina doesn't belong in the UFC. In her post match interview, Cortney said she wants to fight boring fighters so she can liven them up for the fans. She didn't name a specific fighter. But backstage she said she was referring to Carla Esparza. Obviously Cortney knows she has to beat a ranked fighter to get a higher spot in the food chain. Just remember Carla is a former champ for a reason. And Carla may want to fight a higher ranked fighter to get back into the title picture. A win over Cortney wouldn't help Carla with that. There's nothing wrong with asking. It doesn't mean she will get it. Enjoy the video!

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