Saturday, July 30, 2016

Inept matchmaking results in Invicta FC 18 mismatches

So there were several problems with last night's Invicta show. Though they tried to hide it, it was clear that the building was half empty. I hope this is their final show in Kansas City. But the real problem was that Cris Cyborg was unable to fight on this show due to a spider bite. So there was no real main event. Just because a fight is called a main event doesn't make it so. Then they hired three unproven foreign fighters for the main card. First, they didn't belong on the main card. And then none of them could make the show due to visa problems. Well, that's just inept management. The main event had Alexa Grasso vs Jodie Esquibel. I think Alexa has potential to be a main event fighter. But after a two year injury layoff, she's not there yet. And Jodie is one of those dreaded points fighters that I dislike. So if Alexa is the same fighter that she was a couple of years ago, I expected her to win easily. And so she did. So I have no problem with the match itself but it never should have been a main event. Now Alexa will get a shot at Angela Hill's Invicta Strawweight Championship and then on to the UFC. Agnieszka Niedzwiedz was supposed to fight a Brazilian fighter with a padded record. Christine Stanley stepped up after visa problems. Christine was clearly out of shape and Agnieszka won easily. Either way, it was a prelim fight at best. Agnieszka seems like a pretty good fighter. But it's hard to tell against a subpar opponent. And I don't blame Christine. I blame Invicta for putting her in that position. Irene Aldana was supposed to be on this show. But her opponent had visa problems and that fight was scrapped. Lynn Alvarez was supposed to fight someone from India. But when she had visa problems, Mizuki was the replacement. So it was nice to see Mizuki but having seen Lynn before, I knew this was a mismatch and Mizuki dominated before a second round armbar got her the finish. I'd like to see Mizuki in the UFC. Cindy Dandois and Jessamyn Duke both have serious flaws. The question is who is more inept. We got that answer when Cindy took Jessamyn down and finished her with an scarf hold and armlock combo. Jessamyn has now lost five in a row. Last night I was asked what happened to her. Even when she was winning, I thought she was overrated because of her looks. She became popular because of her mom's shrewd marketing. The truth is she is very tall and awkward with limited striking skills and no ground skills. And she seems to be getting worse. Cindy's problem is she folds like a cheap suitcase when she is punched in the face. Jessamyn didn't land any punches last night. Then we have Megan Anderson vs Peggy Morgan. Megan is an Aussie who has improved a lot since moving to UFC fighter James Krause's camp in Missouri. Peggy was on TUF but I didn't like her on the show. And I still don't like her. I think they should stop booking her. As expected, Megan won easily by TKO. She gave Peggy a big lump on her face and the ref was a little slow in stopping the fight. So now of course fans are talking about feeding her to Cris Cyborg. I guess that's up to Krause. Some night say Megan isn't ready for Cyborg. But will she ever be ready? Tessa Simpson finally made her Invicta debut after some injury problems. Simona Soukoupova is from England. I've seen her before. She's nothing special and she's 39 years old. For that reason, I wouldn't book her in the first place. Tessa won the first two rounds and then she ran out of gas. Simona almost finished her in round three. But it wasn't enough and Tessa won by unanimous decision. There were some who thought round three should have been 10-8 and the fight scored a draw. The judges scored it 10-9 and so did I. Aspen Ladd missed weight but she still won easily by TKO over newcomer Jessica Hoy. It's time to give Aspen better competition. And in the opener, Sijara Eubanks won by TKO over the debuting Amberlynn Orr. Both fights were mismatches but I don't mind that in early prelims. But I do have a problem with mismatches higher up on the card and there were too many on this show.

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  1. I like the fact that three fighters did not show up due to visa problems, that and they still have their fights in Kansas City to half empty arena. Sad way to go.