Saturday, July 23, 2016

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Mackenzie Dern vs Kenia Rosas

Here's the fight video of Mackenzie Dern vs Kenia Rosas from last night's Legacy Fighting Championship show in Lake Charles, LA. This aired on AXSTV and I know many fans don't get that channel outside the US. We don't get it in Canada. Of course there is a lot of interest in Mackenzie because she's a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt and multi time champ. Her dad started training her when she was three years old and now she's a beast at 23 years old. Of course she's got her eye on the UFC Strawweight Championship. But the UFC normally doesn't sign MMA newcomers no matter who they are. Legacy is a good place for Mackenzie to get some experience and make adjustments to prepare her for the UFC. And after watching this fight, there's no question she needs to work on some things. Mackenzie is training at MMA Lab in Phoenix with coach John Crouch. Her opponent is Kenia Rosas who is a kickboxer from Texas making her MMA debut. Not surprisingly, Mackenzie won easily by unanimous decision. But she has to be disappointed to not get a finish. And though Michael Schiavello tries to credit Kenia for hanging on, Crouch needs to work on Mackenzie's finish. In round one, Mackenzie tries for a rear naked choke. But she never applies it properly and then she keeps trying when she should have given up on it. Then she tries for an armbar which is never applied properly. You can see her fumbling with the grip. In round two, Mackenzie just lays on her for a while. She tries some ground and pound but it's not all that effective. When she finally applies an armbar properly in round three, it's too late in the round and Kenia can just hang on. So I'm sure Crouch saw things that Mackenzie needs to work on before she goes to the UFC. Mostly her execution needs to be more precise because that's how fights are finished. I look forward to monitoring her progress. Enjoy the video.

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