Monday, April 25, 2016

Syuri wins MMA debut

Veteran pro wrestler Syuri made her MMA debut on yesterday's PANCRASE show. This aired on UFC Fight Pass so I did watch the match but the video hasn't turned up yet. It's not that interesting anyway. Syuri's opponent was 18 year old Kanna Asakura. Kanna's record is 3-0 but all her opponents have been older fighters. She beat Yasuko Tamada who is old enough to be her grandmother. So it's a padded record. Syuri has been a pro wrestler for the better part of a decade but she was also a kickboxing champ for Krush. I never liked her much as a pro wrestler but I think she has potential in MMA because she has athletic ability. I think that ability is better suited to MMA rather than pro wrestling. The problem was this fight was scheduled for three three minute rounds. When are Japanese promoters going to learn that female fighters deserve five minute rounds. Even DEEP JEWELS does five minute rounds though most matches are scheduled for two five minute rounds. Both decisions are equally stupid when all fights in the UFC are three five minute rounds. Smarten up! The decision to have three minute rounds hurt the match because there's no time to do anything. The first two rounds was mostly clinching against the fence. And it was the same in round three until Syuri got Kanna in a rear naked choke with time running out. That probably won her the fight and the judges gave Syuri a unanimous decision. With five minute rounds, I'm sure she would have finished the fight. Afterwards, Syuri says she wants to finish fights and go to the UFC. As long as she is fighting in three minute rounds, she's going nowhere because old fart Japanese promoters refuse to conform to the world standard.

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