Thursday, April 21, 2016

Felice Herrig vs Kailin Curran added to July 23 UFC show

Felice Herrig, Kailin Curran
The UFC announced this afternoon that Felice Herrig vs Kailin Curran has been added to UFC on FOX 20 July 23 at the United Center in Chicago. Felice is a Chicago native. The last time we saw Felice she lost a "Battle of the Blondes" to Paige VanZant in Apr. 2015. So what does the UFC do? They put her in another "Battle of the Blondes". Felice is best known for her ability to promote herself to the point that I think she should teach that skill to other fighters. But she's not a great fighter. She's a very good kickboxer but she's never mastered the other MMA skills. Her weigh ins are always fun. Kailin is 1-2 in the UFC. she beat Emily Kagan for her first UFC win. Emily was recently released. Kailin's big problem is she loses focus during fights. This was particularly noticeable when she lost to Alex Chambers. Kailin was winning that fight. Her trainer has acknowledged she has this problem. I don't know if she can overcome that and it raises doubts that she belongs in the UFC. So I'm not crazy about either of them.

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