Thursday, April 21, 2016

Review of The Ultimate fighter 23 episode 1

Last night was the opening episode of The Ultimate Fighter 23 featuring coaches Joanna Jedrzejczyk and Claudia Gadelha. Last night's episode was the elimination matches to get into the house. The drama starts next week. So instead of posting the entire episode which I might do beginning next week, I am posting the video of the most interesting Strawweight match. All these matches are already on Youtube. All of these matches are scheduled for two five minute rounds and if the match is tied there could be a third round. The first Strawweight match has Invicta veteran Amanda Bobby Cooper vs Dutch kickboxer Mellony Geugjes. One would think that Mellony would want to keep it standing. But instead she takes the fight to the ground after Amanda slips and winds up in an armbar. Amanda wins. Next is Invicta veteran Ashley Cummins vs British fighter Lanchana Green. As I said in my preview, Ashley hasn't been the same since losing to Joanne Calderwood a couple of years ago. This is still the case. Ashley started out OK but Lanchana took over and almost finished with a rear naked choke. Ashley was saved by the bell. In round two, Lanchana blasted Ashley with knees and the match was stopped. Next was Canadian Alyssa Krahn vs Invicta veteran Jamie Moyle. Alyssa gets a takedown but is unable to maintain her position. She attempts another takedown. But Jamie stuffs it and wins with a rear naked choke. Next is Ashley Yoder vs Jodie Esquibel. as I said in my preview, I'm not crazy about Jodie because she's a points fighter. This match is very close but the match was edited on TV. So I am posting the entire match. Both rounds are close enough that there should have been a third round. But instead the judges scored it a split decision win for Ashley. It's a very poor decision. So Ashley goes to the house. But don't be surprised if we see Jodie on the UFC roster very soon. Next Invicta veteran JJ Aldrich won an easy unanimous decision over Kristi Lopez. Then Tatiana Suarez won by unanimous decision over Chel-C Bailey who is pals with Miesha Tate. The first round is close but Tatiana took over in round two and won easily. Kate Jackson won by unanimous decision over Irene Rivera. And finally Brit Helen Harper won by first round armbar over Invicta veteran Amy Montenegro. Except for the one really close fight, none of the results were surprising. And I have posted the video of Ashley Yoder vs Jodie Esquibel so you can see for yourself. The Team Claudia members are Tatiana, Kate, Lanchana and Amanda. The Team Joanna members are JJ, Jamie, Ashley and Helen. Next week's match will be with two of the men so I'm not sure about posting the video yet. We shall see. Enjoy the video.

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