Friday, April 01, 2016

Angela Lee vs VV Mei set for ONE FC Women's Championship

Angela Lee, VV Mei
Yesterday ONE Championship announced their first women's championship match. Homegrown teen sensation Angela Lee will face Japanese veteran Mei "VV Mei" Yamaguchi May 6 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. They are calling this an Atomweight championship though the contracted fight weight is 52kg (115lb). They seem to think that Atomweight is up to 52kg. This promotion would be more credible if they didn't make up their own rules. Angela has been hyped to a ridiculous level as a homegrown Singapore product. I've avoided writing about her because she's a big fish in a very small pond. She's also 19 years old and cute which is very important in some Asian countries. Angela's record is 5-0 but she hasn't fought anyone decent until now. So it's difficult to get a reading on her because the opposition level was so low. Mei is a big increase in the opposition level. Early in her career, Mei fought at 52kg and that's the weight she fought at when she was Valkyrie champ. But she was always undersized and after a losing skid, she dropped to 48kg and she has fought for DEEP JEWELS at that weight. The size difference was giving her problems. And it could give her problems in this fight as Angela is much bigger than Mei. Plus Mei is fighting in enemy territory. Not that Angela is actually from Singapore though she trains there now. She was born in Canada and she grew up in Hawaii. I think her father is from Singapore. Never let the facts get in the way of perfectly good hype. ONE airs in Canada on The Fight Network so I may watch this live.

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