Saturday, April 09, 2016

Analysis of Invicta FC17 card

Invicta has finally announced the complete card for Invicta FC17 May 7 at The Hangar at OC Fair in Costa Mesa, CA. This show will air on UFC Fight Pass. They added some prelims last night and I always like to analyze the card as a whole. My first impression is this is one of the weakest cards they have ever put together. And this is from a company that has been notorious for mediocre matchmaking since they began. They just can't seem to stop playing favourites with fighters they are friendly with but have no business getting title shots. There are two title matches on this show. Both of them got a big eye roll from me. Tanya Evinger with defend her Invicta Bantamweight Championship against Colleen Schneider. I understand that division is very thin but there's no way Colleen should get a title shot based on a split decision win over Raquel Pa'aluhi. I guess they have no one else. They need to develop new contenders because this doesn't cut it. The second title match has Livia Renata Souza defending her Invicta Strawweight Championship against Angela Hill. This idiotic matchmaking shows that even if a fighter was a failure in the UFC, just being in the UFC and having a big mouth will get you stroke in Invicta. Angela won her first two Invicta fights over mediocre fighters and that's enough for a title shot? Livia is way too slick for Angela. Adding insult to injury, they have MIZUKI on this show facing veteran Brazilian midcard fighter Aline Serio. MIZUKI looked great beating Lacey Schuckman in her last Invicta match. They take Hill over MIZUKI after that performance? What the hell is wrong with those dopes? And Serio is a mediocre fighter. She's 9-5 and her history is she loses to fighters better than her. So instead of a title shot, MIZUKI gets a worse opponent. None of this makes any sense. The other three fights on the main card are prelim quality matches. Veteran kickboxer Charmaine Tweet will face boxer Latoya Walker. I don't like either of them. Tessa Simpson will face Julia Jones in an Atomweight bout. I would describe both as unproven and it's a prelim fight. And in a Welterweight fight, Aussie Megan Anderson will face Amanda Bell. I don't care for either of them. In the prelims, Christine Stanley will face Shannon Sinn. Both are older fighters with not much experience. I don't look at fighters like this as prospects because of age. Fans get pissed with me about my negative bias towards older fighters. But Father Time is undefeated in the fight business. Rachael Ostovich will face Ariel Beck. Rachael is memorable as the fighter who likes to dress up as Wonder Woman. Her record is 2-2. Ariel is new to Invicta. And in a Bantamweight fight Brit Laura Howarth will face Alexa Connors. Laura is 2-1 but she hasn't fought since 2014. Alexa is making her pro debut. That's what the prelims are for. But this show seems like it's filled with prelims and mismatches.

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  1. It's sad to see what Invicta has become. I had hopes for them when they first formed and starting doing fights for women. Shame. I am losing all interest in them and in the sport in general. If it was not for Twitter and getting to talk to people on there, at this point I would not watch the UFC either. Thanks for your analysis Frank. To bad it's a weak card again.