Sunday, April 10, 2016

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Maryna Moroz vs Cristina Stanciu

Here's the match video of Maryna Moroz vs Cristina Stanciu from today's UFC show in Croatia. Maryna is from the Ukraine. The last time we saw her, she didn't look very good losing to Valerie Letourneau. She is 1-1 in the UFC. She trains with her boxer husband but she is also partial to using the triangle armbar as a finisher. Cristina is from Romania. Her nickname is Barbie from when she was a teenage dancer. Her record is 5-0. Before coming to the UFC, both fighters fought at 125lb. The first thing I notice about Cristina is she holds her hands too low. She charges at Maryna with a flying knee which leads to a guillotine attempt which ultimately doesn't pan out. The problem is she expends too much energy trying for a submission that clearly isn't working. I see this a lot from European fighters who lack experience. As a fighter, you need to know when a submission is going nowhere. And a guillotine is a low percentage submission at best. This poops her out and Cristina never really recovers from it. Maryna takes over and she never looks back. She almost finishes the fight in round three with her triangle armbar. Maryna wins by unanimous decision. Cristina needs to work on her endurance if she plans to be successful in the UFC. But she's only 22 years old and she had plenty of time to work in things. Enjoy the video.

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