Thursday, February 18, 2016

Ray has an inoperable brain tumour

Yesterday, masked joshi puroresu wrestler Ray announced that she has an inoperable brain tumour. This stems from a concussion she suffered a couple of months ago. Ray debuted in 2003 after being trained by Sakura Emi. She was originally called Rei which means zero in Japanese. She was supposed to look like a cartoon character appealing to kids. Ray also trained with Mariko Yoshida at Ibuki. Ray's ring style can best be described as "spot monkey". She does a lot of high flying and she may be the only joshi wrestler who is comfortable doing the Shooting Star Press. After working for Ice Ribbon and Nanae Takahashi's Passion Red group, Ray took off the mask and worked as Lin Bairon for SMASH and later WNC after SMASH closed. Some fans might not even know that she was that character because it was so much different from the Ray character. She also wrestled for SMASH under the mask as Ray. And SMASH did not identify the characters as the same person. After that, she worked for REINA and also SHIMMER. She also freelanced but in recent months, Ray has worked for the revived FMW. On Dec. 22, Ray suffered a concussion during a match with Ayako Hamada. When her condition didn't improve, an MRI revealed that she had a brain tumour and a biopsy would have to be done to determine malignancy. Ray announced this at an FMW press conference a couple of weeks ago. She held yesterday's press conference to announce the results. Sadly, the tumour is malignant and inoperable. Obviously she is through with wrestling. Ray said she will talk to doctors about a course of treatment and she will give an update at the Feb. 26 FMW show. On behalf of joshi fans worldwide, I would like to wish Ray all the best in the future.

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  1. For her I am truly sorry. I have seen first hand what cancer can do to people. My father has leukemia. Its a truly terrible disease and its heart wrenching for a loved one to watch the suffering as well. I truly wish her the very best.