Wednesday, February 17, 2016

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Taylor Hicks

Artist:Taylor Hicks
Song:Do I Make You Proud
Single:Do I Make You Proud

Of all the American Idol winners, Taylor Hicks was probably the biggest bust. Do I Make You Proud topped the charts right after he won in 2006. But by 2008, he was cut from his record deal. So that was a quick descent. Part of the problem was he probably shouldn't have won. Most pundits thought Katharine McPhee was going to win. So it was a shock when Hicks was announced as the winner. Hicks was born Oct. 7, 1976 in Birmingham, AL. His music can best be described as blue eyed soul heavily influenced by Ray Charles. He had a band while attending Auburn University. After graduating, he moved to Nashville and unsuccessfully tried to get a record deal. He moved back to Alabama and released a CD independently. Then of course he won American Idol. He performed Do I Make You Proud on the AI finale and then it topped the Billboard Hot 100. The song was written and produced by the British production group Absolute who have written plenty of hits for others. So then he records his debut album Taylor Hicks. For some reason, Do I Make You Proud was not on the album. It's not even on any various artist hits comps. It's only available as a single. I don't understand that at all. The album was released just before Christmas 2006. And though it was certified Platinum, it did not do as well as other AI winners and there were no hit singles. Arista dropped Hicks in 2008. Since then, Hicks has recorded on his own label and done various other things including a residency in Las Vegas in 2013. He still tours and he has a new CD scheduled for a 2016 release. And he owns a restaurant in Birmingham. Like a lot of AI winners, his post-AI career wasn't what he expected. Here's Taylor Hicks performing Do I Make You Proud on the American Idol season five finale in 2006.

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