Thursday, February 04, 2016

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Asuka vs Santana Garrett

Here's the match video of Asuka vs Santana Garrett from last night's episode of NXT. I am posting this for Asuka fans who don't have the WWE Network. The WWE has brought Santana into NXT before because she lives in the area. Fans should be familiar with Santana from her TNA days but she works a lot for SHINE and she recently won the Wonder of STARDOM Championship during her first trip to Japan. A veteran wrestler once told me that the problem with women wrestlers is many would prefer to look good than have a good match. That's Santana Garrett in a nutshell. And her dad was a wrestler one would think she would know better. But she gets by on her looks. Fortunately, Asuka can make anyone look good. Typically, Santana punches Asuka in the face and Asuka just smiles at her. Then when Santana applies an abdominal stretch, Asuka turns it into an ankle lock followed by a flying armbar and the Asuka lock for the finish. Having seen the NXT spoilers for the next month, big things are coming for Asuka. So stay tuned and enjoy the video.
Asuka Vs Santana Garrett by asukalock

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