Tuesday, February 09, 2016

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Greg Adams

Artist:Greg Adams
Song:Smooth Operator
Album:Hidden Agenda

Trumpeter Greg Adams was a founding member of Tower Of Power. He was an integral part of developing their trademark sound. When he started recording solo in the 90s, Adams immediately scored in the Smooth Jazz market with his cover of Sade's Smooth Operator and he has done well in that market ever since. Adams played trumpet in his high school band in San Francisco. After graduating, he joined Tower Of Power. Adams says it was better than going to music school. Of course Tower Of Power was known for their horn sound and Adams played on hundreds of albums. In 1995, Adams decided to record a solo album for Epic Records. Tower Of Power was on Epic at the time. Adams' instrumental cover of Sade's Smooth Operator was a hit in the Smooth Jazz market and he has been recording as a solo artist ever since. Adams wrote and produced most of the songs on Hidden Agenda with drummer Ken Kessie who was also a recording engineer. Other musicians on the album include Gary Herbig on tenor sax and keyboard player James Wirrick. Wirrick was the guy behind the Sylvester hit Mighty Real. Adams has since recorded for Blue Note and on his own label. And he continues to tour with Tower Of Power. Here's a video for Smooth Operator by Greg Adams.

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