Monday, February 01, 2016

Accuradio Song Of The Day-Mark Ronson

Artist:Mark Ronson f/Bruno Mars
Song:Uptown Funk
Album:Uptown Special

Though Mark Ronson has had a lot of success as a producer, Uptown Funk was his very first hit single as a recording artist. He's released a few albums but this is the first time he has had real success mostly thanks to Bruno Mars. Ronson was born Sept. 4, 1975 in London, England. He got into music because his mom was married to Foreigner guitarist Mick Jones. The family moved to New York City in 1983. While attending New York University, Ronson built his reputation as a DJ in New York clubs. This eventually led to production. The 2001 Nikka Costa hit Everybody Got Their Something was his first hit as a producer. He released the 2003 CD Here Comes The Fuzz for Elektra. They dropped him when it didn't sell. Then he started his own Allido label with Sony distribution. He uses the label to develop new artists but he occasionally releases his own CDs. His most notable success as a producer was with ill fated British singer Amy Winehouse who sadly died prematurely a few years ago. Ronson appears in the new documentary Amy. Most of the songs on Uptown Special were written by Ronson, his longtime production partner Jeff Bhasker and famed writer Michel Chabon. Stevie Wonder is among the guest singers. Uptown Funk is a little different. Ronson produced a few songs on Mars' 2012 CD Unorthodox Jukebox and he wanted to work with him again. He had to work around Mars' touring schedule. Mars and his songwriting partner Robert Lawrence wrote Uptown Funk with Ronson and Bhasker. They were forced to add The Gap Band to the credits when a Youtube claim was made that the song is too similar to Oops Upside Your Head. The band on the song is The Dap Kings with the Antibalas horns. Those guys know how to bring the funk. The song has a real 70s funk vibe and of course Mars is a great singer. Uptown Funk topped the Billboard Hot 100 but it didn't seem to help album sales. It's not on a Bruno Mars CD. It is only on Ronson's CD Uptown Special. Ronson is still mostly producing other artists, most recently Duran Duran, Adele and he is currently working on Lady Gaga's next CD. So if he has any more hit singles, they will probably be one offs like Uptown Funk. Here's the video for Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars.

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