Monday, June 01, 2015

V V Mei wins DEEP JEWELS Featherweight Championship but does anyone care?

V V Mei wins by TKO
DEEP JEWELS held a show yesterday at Shinjuku FACE to finish up the DEEP JEWELS Featherweight Championship tournament. As has been typical for recent shows, it was very short because they just don't have enough fighters to fill a decent show. And then they had all kinds of injuries and illness issues. Shizuka Sugiyama and Amiba were among those who were forced to drop out due to injury. The short version is that V V Mei won the tournament as expected. She beat Mina Kurobe in her semi final by unanimous decision. Kurobe is 38 years old but she looks about 80 years old. She was undefeated but there was a time when someone that old wouldn't have been allowed to fight. It shows how desperate matchmaker Shigeru Saeki is to even fill a card. Sarami won her semi final by unanimous decision over Tomo Maesawa. Mei won the championship with a second round TKO win over Sarami. I'm glad she won because she's a very good fighter. But as long as DEEP JEWELS continues to flounder around like this, it's meaningless. What will Saeki do if Mei gets the inevitable call from Invicta? She'll be missing in action like Ayaka Hamasaki. Actually, Ayaka was on this show in a grappling match vs MIZUKI. But it was decided beforehand that if there were no submissions, the match would be a draw. That's entering pro wrestling territory. In the other MMA match on the show, Canadian Tushara "TeeVee" Veerella was brought in at the last minute when Amiba got hurt. Her opponent Misaki Takimoto was dragged out of retirement. She hadn't fought since 2011. Veerella won her MMA debut by unanimous decision. There was one other grappling match but that's it folks. The next DEEP JEWELS show will be Aug. 12 at Differ Ariake in a cage. Good luck filling that joint. A cage won't fit in the small arenas. The main event has DEEP JEWELS Middleweight Champion Takayo Hashi defending against Korean Kim Yeon Ji. Kim was supposed to fight Shizuka Sugiyama for a title shot but Sugiyama got hurt. Kim has fought both of them to draws before. Is she good? No, I've seen both fights. Hashi and Sugiyama were both terrible. Hashi should be better now after knee surgery.

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