Tuesday, June 16, 2015

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-702

Song:Where My Girls At?

The R & B girl group 702 scored a top five hit in 1999 with Where My Girls At?. The name 702 is because they are from Las Vegas and 702 is the area code for Nevada. They started out singing together at Cheyenne High School in Las Vegas. There were four girls in the group at first. Three of them were sisters. The oldest was LeMisha "Misha" Grinstead, twin sisters Irish and Orish Grinstead and their friend Kameelah Williams. Kameelah was usually the lead singer. They were singing in the lobby of Caesars Palace when they were spotted by comedian Sinbad. He sent them to a music convention and talent contest in Atlanta. He named them Sweeta Than Suga. They finished second in the competition. But their big break came when they met Michael Bivins of New Edition and Bell Biv Devoe. He signed them to his production company at Motown. Kameelah was replaced briefly by Grinstead cousin Amelia Childs. After 702 appeared on the single This Lil' Game We Play by Subway, Amelia left and Kameelah returned. Orish left 702 while their debut CD No Doubt was being recorded. In searching for the right producer to work with 702, they seemed to click with rapper Missy Elliott. She produced four songs on No Doubt including the hit single Steelo. 702 scored their first top ten pop hit with Get It Together written and produced by Donell Jones. The album was certified Gold. Their 1999 CD 702 was even bigger as the single Where My Girls At? reached #4 on the Billboard Hot 100. The album was certified Platinum. Where My Girls At? was written and produced by Elliott and the duo of Eric Seats and Rapture Stewart, known as Keybeats. They worked a lot with Aliyaah before her tragic death. 702 also appeared on the Missy Elliott single Beep Me 911. 702 is available as a budget CD. Then Kameelah left 702 to go solo. When her solo career didn't pan out, she returned for the 2003 CD Star. That album didn't do well and it's interesting to note that they didn't work with Elliott on that album. Though Motown dropped them, 702 attempted to remain together. Orish Grinstead died of kidney failure at age 28 in 2008. Kameelah left 702 for good in 2010. She is calling herself Meelah and her recording of a solo album was featured on the TV One reality show R & B Divas Atlanta. The single and video Give It To You was released Sept. 2014. It's a duet with her singer songwriter husband Musiq Soulchild. They have one child. There's no word on when the album will be released. Here's the video for Where My Girls At? by 702.

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