Thursday, June 04, 2015

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Luther Tucker

Artist:Luther Tucker
Song:Mean Old World
Album:Luther Tucker & The Ford Blues Band

Guitarist Luther Tucker had the talent to be a big star in blues. But he seemed to prefer being a sideman. Apparently he was very shy and uncomfortable in the spotlight. That's why there aren't a lot of CDs of his music. He just didn't record much as a leader. He was born Jan. 20, 1936 in Memphis. His mom played piano and introduced him to Big Bill Broonzy's music and his dad was a carpenter and built Tucker his first guitar. His family moved to Chicago and blues legend Robert Junior Lockwood taught Tucker to play guitar. He played Chicago clubs as a teen as Lockwood told the musician's union he would keep an eye on Tucker. The two worked together frequently including in Little Walter's band for seven years. Mean Old World was written by Little Walter. Tucker also played on recordings by Sonny Boy Williamson II, Jimmy Rogers and Muddy Waters. He was playing in Waters' band in the mid-60s when harmonica player James Cotton left to form his own band and made Tucker his featured guitarist. He left that band in 1973 and moved to San Anselmo, CA which is near San Francisco. He was a big part of the Bay Area blues scene and he also was a house musician at Antone's in Austin, TX. Tucker never recorded much as a leader. He would only occasionally do that on various artists CDs. This CD is a collection of those recordings that also includes a radio interview with Tucker. Tucker continued to work as a sideman until his death from a heart attack on June 18, 1993 at age 57. He was respected by his peers and his music is worth checking out. Here's Luther Tucker performing Mean Old World at Antone's 20th Anniversary Celebration in Austin. TX 1985.

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  1. Good, solid Bio on this sideman. The fact that so many of his peers paid him respect after his passing says a lot about the man and his talent. Thanks for posting these Bios of Blues Artists who were not in the limelight but who had talent and influence on the music.