Sunday, June 14, 2015

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Tecia Torres vs Angela Hill

Here's the match video of Tecia Torres vs Angela Hill from last night's UFC show in Mexico City. It was on the PPV portion of the show. But the fight is so bad, you may want to skip it. I actually watched it a second time to pick up on a couple of things that I wanted to comment about. The things I do so you don't have to. Before the fight, Tecia complained that Angela isn't in her class and she asked for a higher ranked opponent. Officially, Tecia is undefeated. But in the TUF house, she didn't look very good against either Randa Markos or Carla Esparza who are both grapplers. I think Tecia is overrated. She's a kickboxer with no ground skills and that was exposed especially against Randa. Angela is also a kickboxer with no ground game. So I guess matchmaker Sean Shelby was hoping for an action packed throwdown. Instead we got a lay and pray stinkeroo reminiscent of Julia Budd sitting on Germaine De Randamie in Strikeforce three years ago. The other factor is the altitude in Mexico City which was an issue through the whole show. Though I think Tecia is a skilled technical kickboxer, Angela punches harder. Not much happened in the first round until halfway through, Tecia took Angela down and laid on her. She didn't advance her position and Angela couldn't seem to get out from under. There were two reasons for Tecia to do this. As I said, Angela punches harder and laying on her would tire Angela out in that altitude. Of course this strategy worked. It's no secret how much I hate lay and pray. But the ref can stop it if he breaks them up quickly. Big John McCarthy didn't even warn Tecia until there was less than a minute left in the round. That was way too late. And then in the second round, Tecia took Angela down early in the round and McCarthy finally stood them up with less than a minute left in round two. By this time, the fans are booing. So Angela is down two rounds and needs a finish. But she's way too tired to do anything. Instead of taking her down in round three, Tecia pins her against the fence to stall. It's the same strategy designed to kill the clock. Of course Tecia won the fight. I scored it 30-27 in her favour. I guess some fighters don't care how they win. I don't see how a performance like that gets Tecia closer to a title shot. And this fight was on the main card. Of course Tecia wants a fight with a top contender. She didn't do anything to deserve that. Two weeks ago Juliana Lima used lay and pray to win for the second straight time. I say match these two up and make it the curtain jerker on UFC Fight Pass. Whoever sits on the other longest wins the fight and the loser goes on a one way trip to Palookaville. I know the UFC doesn't officially punish fighters for boring fights. But unofficially they do by moving them down the card and giving them lesser opponents until they learn not to be boring. Of course some fighters never learn. Enjoy the video!

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