Monday, June 01, 2015

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Kana vs Hikaru Shida

The joshi puroresu business has deteriorated to the point that most matches aren't worth watching. So occasionally I will post match video that is worth watching that you might miss. This match featuring Kana vs Hikaru Shida was part of a joint Oz Academy, Zuban and Pro Wrestling WAVE show May 10 at the Diamond Hall in Nagoya. It was part of WAVE's ongoing Catch The WAVE league. So it was stuck on the midcard and it wasn't part of an angle though these two are involved in an angle at REINA. When she's on her game, Kana is one of the most entertaining wrestlers in Japan. She has sex appeal but she's not afraid to be a heel. A lot of the girls don't want to be heels because they think it affects their merch sales. She also works very stiff and it can be hard to find opponents who can handle that. This became a problem after Ayumi Kurihara retired last year as the two worked very well together. Kana has been feuding with Syuri in REINA and I know Syuri is popular. But she's just not at Kana's level. Then Hikaru Shida showed up and has shown that she works very well with Kana. So this match reminds me of the kind of matches Kana used to have with Ayumi. Kana hits very hard and applies a lot of submissions and Hikaru can handle that. And she returns fire just as well. The match was a 15 minute draw that was a throwaway on midcard as part of a league. But it makes me want to see them in a more significant situation. And I expect we will see that soon in REINA. While looking forward to that, I think you'll enjoy this match.
Kana vs. Hikaru Shida in Oz Academy on 5/10/15 by purocentral

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