Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Paige VanZant vs Alex Chambers added to Sept. 5 UFC show

Paige VanZant, Alex Chambers
MMA Sucka reported today that Paige VanZant vs Alex Chambers has been added to UFC 191 Sept. 5 in Las Vegas. Though some believe Paige has star quality because of her looks, she needs to improve as a fighter if she's going to get anywhere. Apparently Paige asked to be on this show. Though Paige won by unanimous decision over Felice Herrig, I thought she won because Felice had cardio problems that we don't normally see from her. Paige got off to a slow start and I thought Felice won round one. But Paige came back and won the next two rounds mainly because Felice ran out of gas. Her other problem is the same problem I see with a lot of female fighters. She has no punching power. So she needs to improve her striking technique. I think she's a work in progress. Guys, it's not enough to be pretty. Alex is from Australia. Her nickname is Astro Girl because she's an astro physicist. At age 36, her age to experience level is not in her favour. She knows this is her last shot. She was lucky to win over Kailin Curran in Australia in May. Alex lost the first two rounds and in the third round, Kailin made a mistake and fell into an armbar finish. Alex has some ground skills but she's a terrible striker. I'm not sold on either of them.

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