Thursday, June 25, 2015

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-The Submarines

Artist:The Submarines
Song:Brighter Discontent
Album:Declare A New State!

The husband and wife duo the Submarines are a pretty good indie band who got some buzz when one of their songs was used in an Apple iPhone commercial. That's how bands get traction these days. Lead singer Blake Hazard is from Burlington, VT. In the 90s, she was in the band Starhustler. After graduating from Harvard, she started hanging around Boston clubs and she met John Dragonetti in 2000. He was born in Jackson, MI but he grew up in Dubai. Upon returning to the US, he settled in Boston. In the 90s, his band Jack Drag had a deal with A & M Records. But when A & M was swallowed by Universal, Jack Drag was dropped. Blake and Dragonetti began a relationship when she came to his recording studio. He produced her 2002 CD Little Airplane. It was an on and off relationship until Dragonetti figured that if Blake was going to write all of her songs about their relationship, they might as well work together. Of course it doesn't hurt that Blake is attractive and a great singer. The Submarines were born. they moved to Los Angeles and signed with Nettwerk Records. Declare A New State! was their 2006 debut CD. The music is the two of them in his recording studio. They occasionally bring in outside musicians and they hire musicians for touring. Of course they got married too. Their big break came when the songs You, Me and the Bourgoise and Submarine Symphonika were used in Apple iPhone commercials. The song Brighter Discontent appeared in the season four finale of the popular FX series Nip/Tuck. They are certainly worth checking out. The Submarines have recorded three albums and two EPs. Their latest EP was released in 2012. Dragonetti has been concentrating on composing music for film and TV recently so the duo doesn't seem to be active right now. I expect The Submarines to return in the future. Here are The Submarines performing Brighter Discontent on the TV show M Vids.

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