Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Sachie Abe announces retirement

Sachie Abe
JWP held a press conference on Saturday to announce that Sachie Abe will retire in August. Abe is best known for her long running tag team WANTED! with KAZUKI. The retirement show will be Aug. 17 at Korakuen Hall. Abe is 39 years old and has been a pro wrestler for 18 years. She trained at JD and debuted in 1996. She went to A To Z in 2003 after Yumiko Hotta bought ARSION and changed the name. Abe is very good friends with Hotta. After A To Z closed in 2005, Abe went to JWP and has worked there since then. She was never one to work for different companies. Her reason for retirement is she suffered a concussion last year and doctors told her in January that she should quit wrestling. She's had other injuries as well. It seems that these days when a wrestler announces her retirement, it's a six month road to retirement. Abe's three month road to retirement is relatively short. When asked about this, Abe joked that she didn't want too long to think about retirement or she might change her mind. Of course this is a reference to when JWP's Kaori Yoneyama changed her mind halfway through her retirement ceremony. Now all retiring wrestlers have to sign a contract with JWP ensuring that they will go through with the retirement ceremony. Abe says she wants KAZUKI to be her retirement match opponent. They have teamed together for years as WANTED!. JWP owner Commando Bolshoi said that the possibility of that match happening are very high. Abe says she's not sure what she will do post retirement. She said she dreamed she got married...but it was just a dream. KAZUKI was at the press conference and the two had a nice cry together. When asked if WANTED! would stay together after Abe's retirement, she said she didn't know but that she would probably be a singles wrestler. In conclusion, Abe credited Jaguar Yokota's training for preparing her for a long career. Until recently, Abe was relatively injury free.

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