Monday, June 09, 2014

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Maria de Barros

Artist:Maria de Barros
Song:Mi Nada Un Ca Tem
Album:Nha Mundo: Music of Cabo Verde

Maria de Barros sings the music of Cape Verde in Africa popularized by her godmother Cesario Evora. And though she might seem exotic to most folks, she has lived in the US since she was a teen. Maria was born in Senegal but her parents are from Cape Verde. So she has always had a connection to Cape Verde though she has never lived there. She moved with her family to Providence, RI at age 11. Her grandparents were already living there. There is a strong Cape Verdean community in Providence and Maria performed every weekend at Cape Verdean functions. She married Toots and the Maytals bassist Mel Wilson Jr. and moved to to Los Angeles. She got into the Latin music scene and started singing in Spanish. Eventually she was convinced by her husband and others to return to her roots and sing the music of Cape Verde. She signed with Narada Records and released the 2003 CD Nha Mundo. The CD was produced by Danny Luchansky who had worked with Maria on her Latin music and drummer Carlos "Kalu" Monteiro who has worked with Cesaria Evora. Bassist Djim Job wrote a lot of the songs including Mi Nada Un Ca Tem. Maria has released three CDs, the most recent in 2009. She doesn't seem to be on tour right now. Maybe she's working on new music. I know there are people who won't listen to any music not sung in English. You're missing out on great singers like Maria de Barros. Here's Maria de Barros performing Mi Nada Un Ca Tem Lisbon, Portugal May 17, 2008.

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