Monday, June 16, 2014

Ayaka Hamasaki to return on Aug. 9 DEEP JEWELS show

Sugi Rock, Ayaka Hamasaki
DEEP JEWELS held a press conference today to announce the top two matches for the Aug. 9 Shinjuku FACE show. The big news is that Ayaka Hamasaki will return to MMA after undergoing knee surgery last fall. And she will drop from 52kg to 48kg. Her opponent is former Valkyrie 48kg champ Naho "Sugi Rock" Sugiyama. Hamasaki was told by doctors to quit fighting so obviously we are talking about a very serious injury. The big question is what will she be like post surgery. If she's on her game, she should beat Sugi Rock. Sugi Rock has won her last two fights after a three fight losing streak. In her last fight, she best Sarami by split decision on the Feb. 14 DEEP JEWELS show. I'm not convinced Sugi Rock will ever get back to where she used to be because she has also had knee surgery and she's 36 years old. The clock is ticking. The other big match has Emi Tomimatsu defending her DEEP JEWELS Lightweight Championship against MIZUKI. This is a rematch from February when MIZUKI missed weight and wasn't allowed to win the title. Tomimatsu won by DQ. I will say the same thing I said at the time. DEEP JEWELS matchmaker Shigeru Saeki didn't do anyone any favours by allowing that match to happen. It should have been cancelled. If MIZUKI makes weight, she should have no problem with Tomimatsu who is overrated by some who still think she's a young prospect. I know she doesn't look it but Tomimatsu is 32 years old and has been around since she was a pro wrestler for JD Star in 2001. She turned to MMA in 2006 and took a three year break after being seriously injured during a 2008 match with WINDY Tomomi. She's a midcard fighter who has moved up the ladder at DEEP JEWELS because the talent level is low. And she's cute. Well, you know how Saeki is. The third announced match will have the veteran MIYOKO face newcomer Usui Ring at 52kg. I don't know if that is her name. Sometimes Japanese ring names don't translate to English well. It's a nothing fight. MIYOKO is terrible.

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