Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Review of WWE Total Divas season 2 episode 11

This is the season two finale of WWE Total Divas. The two main stories in this episode are Wrestlemania and the wedding of Brie Bella and Bryan Danielson. A couple of weeks ago, Nikki Bella blurted out to Nattie Neidhart that she was once married. Brie Told Nikki that this wouldn't be a secret for very long. And as we saw at the beginning of this episode, Nattie did tell everyone at lunch. Cut to Trinity McCray who says "She really is a blabbermouth". Nikki told her family and the only one who seemed to be upset was her brother JJ. Nikki promises Brie that she will tell boyfriend John Cena about this. But last week, she just couldn't seem to tell him and then she lied to her family and told them she did tell him. As predicted last week by yours truly, JJ blurted this out to Cena. And as I also predicted, this news didn't upset Cena. He just didn't understand why she couldn't tell him. That's easy. Nikki is an idiot. This whole storyline was baloney anyway and all it really did is make Nikki look foolish. There is also a storyline about Ariane's behaviour with boyfriend Vincent that makes her look like she needs serious time with a shrink. She says she can't say "I love you" to him because of childhood trauma. But she does tell him she loves him at the wedding. I suffered trauma watching these two dopes. You may recall that the Divas match was cut from last year's Wrestlemania due to time constraints. The WWE has to be off the air at 11PM so if segments run long, something will get cut. So the girls are concerned about that again this year. They are going on as a buffer between The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar and the main event. This is known as the death spot. And this year The Undertaker's Wrestlemania winning streak was broken. So they have to go on after that shock. At least they all get a Wrestlemania bonus. No, Eva Marie didn't screw up though she thought she would. After all this, there was the wedding. I have no criticism of the wedding. The producers didn't try to manipulate it though they did show John Cena crying during the ceremony. Bryan and Brie wrote their own vows and they did great. Of course if you follow current WWE storylines, there is the possibility that Brie Bella will be "fired". It's certainly possible she could quit to start a family anyway. We'll find out next season. It has already been announced that Rosa Mendes will be added to the WWE Total Divas cast. I'm sure she will add some drama.

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