Tuesday, June 17, 2014

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Fefe Dobson

Artist:Fefe Dobson
Song:Bye Bye Boyfriend
Album:Fefe Dobson

Canadian singer songwriter Fefe Dobson was poised to be an international star with her 2003 single Bye Bye Boyfriend. But her record company cancelled her second album and contract and Fefe has been trying reestablish herself since then. She has had success as a songwriter and she will release a new CD this year. She was born Feb. 28, 1985 in the east Toronto suburb of Scarborough, ON. She sent demos to record companies as a teen and Jive Records tried to sign her when she was 13. They were going to try to turn her into a teen R & B star like Brandy. Fefe didn't sign with them and met Jay Levine of The Philosopher Kings and Prozzak. She signed with Nelly Furtado's manager Chris Smith. Universal Music Canada was interested in Fefe but Smith wanted a US record deal. Island/Def Jam president Lyor Cohen flew to Toronto for a showcase and signed her. Her debut CD Fefe Dobson was released Dec. 2003. Bye Bye Boyfriend was the first single and it reached #8 on the Canadian Singles chart. It is her biggest hit to date. The album did well in Canada but Fefe didn't break through in the US which is what Island/Def Jam wanted. Fefe recorded her second CD Sunday Love with producer Matthew Wilder. It was scheduled for a 2006 release. When the first two singles did poorly, Island/Def Jam cancelled the CD and dropped Fefe. Part of the problem is that as a black artist, Fefe was stereotyped as R & B when she preferred a hard edged alternative rock sound. While attempting to get a new record deal, Fefe had success when her songs were recorded by Miley Cyrus and Jordin Sparks. While working on her CD Joy with veteran Canadian producer Bob Ezrin, Fefe was re-signed by Island's 21 Music label. Joy was released in 2010. It did OK in Canada but did not break through in the US. Maybe she will have better luck with her new CD Firebird. Three singles have been released but no release date for Firebird has been announced. We'll see how it does. I think time may have passed Fefe Dobson by. Here's the video for Bye Bye Boyfriend by Fefe Dobson.

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