Tuesday, June 03, 2014

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Rodney Atkins

Artist:Rodney Atkins
Song:These Are My People
Album:If You're Going Through Hell

Rodney Atkins was in Nashville for over a decade before he finally broke through with the 2006 CD If You're Going Through Hell. He had four number one country hits from that CD including These Are My People. He was born Mar. 28, 1969 in Knoxville, TN. He learned to play guitar but didn't take it seriously until he became friends with some songwriters while attending Tennessee Technological University. Atkins moved to Nashville and signed with Curb Records in 1996. He recorded an album in 1997 and a couple of singles were released. But the album was never released. Atkins was unhappy with the songs and he discussed this with Curb Records owner Mike Curb. Atkins recorded his demos and wrote songs with Ted Hewitt and wanted him to be his producer. Curb agreed to this. The CD Honesty was released in 2003. The title song was a top ten country hit but Atkins needed to break through. There was some criticism that he was too similar to Tim McGraw. So with the 2006 CD If You're Going Through Hell, Atkins changed from cowboy hats to baseball caps and took on a working man image. The CD topped the Country Album chart and was certified Platinum. He had four number one country hits from the album including These Are My People. Though Atkins writes songs, These Are My People was written by veteran songwriters Bob Berg and Rivers Rutherford. Both have written plenty of hit songs. Berg has written songs with Atkins. If You're Going Through Hell is Atkins' most successful CD to date and it is available as a budget CD. Atkins latest CD Take A Back Road was released in 2011 and the title song topped the country charts. He released a new single Doin' It Right Sept. 2013 but the album has yet to be released. Atkins went through a divorce in 2012 that included an assault charge of which he was cleared. He married singer Rose Falcon Nov. 2013 and Atkins is currently on tour. Hopefully new music can get his career back on track. But one never knows in the music business. Here's the video for These Are My People by Rodney Atkins.

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