Monday, June 23, 2014

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Jessica Aguilar vs Emi Fujino

Here's the fight video from Saturday's WSOF show with Jessica Aguilar vs Emi Fujino. The fight went the full five rounds as expected but it was an easy win for Jessica which I also expected. Emi Fujino is very tough. All her losses have gone the distance. I'm sure Jessica knew that so she paced herself very well. She bloodied Emi's nose in round one and it affected Emi's breathing. Jessica took one shot at a finish in round three. But her arm choke was never applied properly and it took her a while to recognize that and she switched to ground and pound. By that time, it was too late in the round to get a finish. So Jessica went back to outpunching Emi in the last two rounds. I scored the fight 50-44 for Jessica and so did the judges. Emi Fujino gets a lot of credit for toughness. But that doesn't make her an elite fighter. I don't know why she can't get over that hump. But at age 33, it may be too late for her to figure it out. In the other women's match on the show, Ashlee Evans-Smith danced around with boxer turned MMA fighter Marceia Allen for two rounds. I scored Marceia ahead after two rounds. I guess Ashlee's light bulb went on and in round three, she took Marceia down and finished her easily. I was discussing this on Twitter afterwards and I'll never understand why some fighters want to beat their opponents at their own game. Because once Ashlee used her strength to exploit Marceia's weakness, she finished the fight. Maybe Ashlee is getting paid by the hour. Ha ha. Enjoy the video.

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