Monday, June 03, 2013

Taryn Terrell is the Last Knockout Standing

Here's the match video from last night's TNA PPV with Gail Kim facing Taryn Terrell in a Last Knockout Standing match. The wrestler wins when her opponent is down for a ten count. You all know how much I love gimmick matches...NOT. TNA is giving Taryn the same push they gave Miss Tessmacher last year and where has she been lately? Tessmacher didn't get over and neither will Taryn. Though I do expect her to get the Knockouts Championship sooner rather than later. They are repeating this angle with a different girl because TNA is notorious for not learning from their mistakes. You have an accomplished veteran like Gail Kim who is still hot and you use her to put over greenhorns? What for? This match has been praised to the skies today probably because the rest of the show sucked. But the reason this match is good is because of Gail Kim. And she has to do the job? Ugh! I don't think the match is as good as it has been praised. It has its moments but there are lapses in logic that drive me crazy. First, Gail puts Taryn in a submission but submissions don't count in this match. So when she releases the submission, she doesn't pound Taryn some more. Instead she lets Taryn beat the ten count. That makes no sense. I liked the spot where Gail hit the chair in the corner doing one of her usual spots. That move could have ended the match and I would have been OK with it. I also liked Taryn doing the figure four on the post as sweet revenge. She almost forgot how to apply the hold. When they went out on the ramp, I knew the ending would be ridiculous. Taryn's Diamond Cutter from the ramp to the floor may have seemed like a good idea at the time. But it makes no sense for Taryn to do a move that hurts her as much as it hurts Gail. A logical end has neither wrestler beating the ten count and the feud continues on Thursday's Impact. But TNA got fans chanting "This is awesome". That's what they really wanted. Logic be damned. So you may have noticed that TNA is turning Mickie James heel. I hope that doesn't take six months. The end result will be Taryn Terrell as Knockouts Champion. And then she won't get over just like Miss Tessmacher didn't get over last year because fans know that an experienced pro wrestler should be the champ. Enjoy the video!
TNA Slammiversary 2013 Taryn Terrell Vs Gail Kim by mrlog45

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