Tuesday, June 18, 2013

AJ Lee is the new WWE Divas Champion

Here's the match video of AJ Lee vs Kaitlyn from Sunday's WWE PPV. I really liked how AJ set up the angle for this match though it was predictable how Kaitlyn's secret admirer would end. The bottom line is the WWE gave this match a lot more time than they normally give to Divas matches on PPVs. If they want fans to care about these girls, these matches have to be made to seem important. The match itself was a mixed bag partially because Kaitlyn is very green. She's still a bodybuilder trying to be a wrestler and she hasn't figured out how to use her strength yet. AJ is a trained wrestler but she's so small and frail looking it's hard to believe that she could generate any offense on a much larger opponent. I'd like to see her put on ten pounds of muscle so she doesn't look so frail. I liked Kaitlyn throwing AJ into the Spanish announce table and I also liked AJ's dropkick from the apron. A lot of the rest of the match was OK but nothing special. In the end, AJ outsmarted Kaitlyn into delaying going for the pin after her spear finisher. That was just her being stupid and AJ won with her Black Widow finisher. That hold was Antonio Inoki's finisher in the 70s. I don't think it's an effective finisher today because as we saw earlier in the match, it's not difficult to get out of. It's obvious the WWE plans to continue this feud. I guess we will see Kaitlyn cry a lot. Enjoy the video!
AJ Lee Vs Kaitlyn (Payback 2013) by chriswormley

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