Monday, June 24, 2013

Lorena Klijn win sets up SHOOT BOXING showdown with RENA

At yesterday's SHOOT BOXING show at Korakuen Hall, Dutch kickboxer Lorena Klijn avenged last year's loss with a win over VV Mei by unanimous decision. After the match, it was announced that Lorena will face RENA in the first round of August's Girls S-Cup tournament. Of course with SHOOT BOXING, there is always shady stuff going on so SB owner Takeshi Caesar gets what he wants. Keep in mind that Lorena Klijn trains at Team Souwer and Andy Souwer won the main event on this show. He has plenty of stroke. So in the match, Lorena scored a point in round one with a suplex and the match was fairly even other than that. All three judges scored the match 28-27 for Lorena. Lorena hurt her foot during round two. The ringside doctor let her continue. After that, Lorena played defense and used her height to prevent VV Mei from scoring any points. After the match, Caesar brought RENA into the ring to announce that RENA vs Lorena Klijn will happen in the first round of August's Girls S-Cup tournament. The reason Caesar is doing it this way is there is no guarantee the two will face each other later in the tournament. He did the same thing in the 2010 Girls S-Cup when he had RENA vs Hisae Watanabe in the first round. They were feuding and he wanted to be sure they faced each other. But there are injury problems. RENA has a hand injury and is questionable for August though she says she will participate. And did Lorena Klijn break her foot? If so, will Souwer let her compete? One thing is for sure. The SHOOT BOXING press conferences featuring these two will be epic. Caesar will be very happy. In related news, RENA's trainer Hiroshi Oikawa announced he will retire at the end of this year. This opens the door for RENA to move permanently from Osaka to Tokyo and train at the Caesar Gym, the home of SHOOT BOXING. In another women's match on this show, Ai Takahashi beat Korean kickboxer Yuri Kim with a standing front choke at 2:12 of round one. They also did a couple of JKS48 tournament matches which I don't care about as the whole tournament is a waste of time. Stay tuned as I expect the Girls S-Cup tournament lineup to be announced either this week or next week.

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