Monday, June 24, 2013

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Steve Carlisle

Artist:Steve Carlisle
Song:WKRP In Cincinnati
Album:Tube Tunes Vol. 3: The '80s

WKRP In Cincinnati is one of those sitcoms that keeps on giving. I never get tired of watching it. And a lot of fans loved the opening theme song. There was a full version of the song released in 1982. Unfortunately it was not a big hit and the album has never been released on CD. But you can get it on this Rhino TV theme comp. Steve Carlisle was the singer. He was from Atlanta and was a one time member of the one hit wonder group Starbuck (Moonlight Feels Right). After they split up, he became a studio singer doing jingles and backup vocals. WKRP In Cincinnati was created by former Bob Newhart Show writer and producer Hugh Wilson. Wilson wrote the opening theme lyrics and the music was written by Tom Wells. There was a rumour that Richard Sanders, who played Les Nessman in WKRP, sang the theme on the show. Wilson says on the WKRP DVD commentary that is not true. I can only assume that Wells knew Carlisle from his studio work. WKRP was around for four seasons and I'm sure fans wanted to buy a record of the theme. Carlisle recorded the album Steve Carlisle Sings WKRP In Cincinnati for MCA Records in 1982. The album was produced by Buckner & Garcia (Pacman Fever) who were veterans of the Atlanta studio scene. The single WKRP in Cincinnati reached #65 on the Billboard Hot 100. But it wasn't a big hit and neither was the album. It has never been released on CD but at least you can get it on this comp with a lot of other TV themes. And the full version of WKRP In Cincinnati is on this CD. Carlisle never recorded another album. It looks like he quit the music business and moved to Australia to become a minister. Here's a video for WKRP In Cincinnati by Steve Carlisle.

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