Wednesday, June 26, 2013

RENA vs Lorena Klijn NOT Part of Girls S-Cup

RENA, Lorena Klijn
As expected, SHOOT BOXING made a couple of announcements today about this year's Girls S-Cup tournament on Aug. 3 at Yamano Hall in Yoyogi. The big news is that the RENA vs Lorena Klijn match that was announced on Sunday will not be part of the Girls S-Cup tournament. It looks like it will be the main event of the show. SB is billing it as a special attraction. It remains to be seen if this can be turned into a real feud. It's a one way feud right now. At the pre-match press conference for the April SB show, Lorena screamed at RENA but RENA didn't respond. Now she will have to respond to help SB owner Takeshi Caesar sell the match. RENA has been bitchy in the past so she should have no problem responding. Right now this example of "Monster Heel" booking 101 seems contrived. The big question is with her hand injury, will RENA be ready for Aug. 3? Stay tuned. SHOOT BOXING also announced the first three participants in this year's Girls S-Cup 53.5kg. This likely means that like last year there will be a 53.5kg and a 48kg Girls S-Cup along with the JKS48 tournament designed to get MIO over. The 53.5kg tournament will have eight participants. You may recall that last year's 53.5kg tournament had four fighters and was won by MIZUKI. The first three participants in this year's 53.5kg tournament are Ai Takahashi, Ryo Kamikaze and Miyo Yoshida. No surprises here. Takahashi is a SHOOT BOXING regular and she trains at the Caesar Gym, the home of SHOOT BOXING. Kamikaze is a student and model who Caesar likes because of her looks. She's a mediocre kickboxer and I don't think she has ever won in SHOOT BOXING. Yoshida is an MMA fighter but she hasn't fought in MMA since 2010. She lost to Lorena Klijn in April but did well enough to get a spot in the Girls S-Cup. I expect some foreigners among the five fighters to be added to this tournament. There was no announcement about a 48kg tournament. If they do that weight class, it will probably have four fighters. I'm just guessing. Maybe there will only be one weight class.

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