Monday, June 03, 2013

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Ludovic Bource & The Brussels Philharmonic

Artist:Ludovic Bource & The Brussels Philharmonic
Song:Peppy and George
Album:The Artist: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Of course The Artist won five 2011 Oscars including Best Picture. It also won for Best Original Score by French composer Ludovic Bource. Peppy and George accompanies the final scene in the film where the main characters dance to stardom. George Valentin's redemption is complete. Bource was unknown before The Artist but he had worked with director Michel Hazanavicius before. Bource was born Aug. 19, 1970 in France. He started out composing music for commercials and then short films. He also worked as an arranger and producer for veteran French rock singer Alain Bashung, folksinger Little, hip hop group Svinkels and African singer Koffi Olomide. One of the short films he scored was for director Michel Hazanavicius. So when Hazanavicius graduated to features with the 2006 film OSS 117: Cairo, Nest Of Spies, he hired Bource to compose the score. For those who don't know, OSS 117 is a successful French spy spoof series starring Jean Dujardin and Beatrice Bejo from The Artist. and Bejo is married to Hazanavicius. So in that context, it's not surprising that Bource was chosen to compose the score for The Artist. Though he used a couple of period songs by Duke Ellington and Red Nichols and a piece of Bernard Herrmann's score from Vertigo, most of the score is original. It's supposed to sound like vintage music from the 20s. It was recorded in Belgium by The Brussels Philharmonic conducted by Ernst Van Tiel. Bource won several awards including an Oscar and a Golden Globe. Michel Hazanavicius has two films in pre-production and my guess is Bource will score them. He hasn't been hired by any of the Hollywood studios. He lives in France and there are plenty of composers in Los Angeles. I really enjoyed The Artist and Bource's score. It's available as a budget CD. Here's the final dance number from The Artist containing Peppy and George.

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