Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Sara McMann vs Sarah Kaufman set for Aug. 28 UFC show

Sara McMann, Sarah Kaufman
It was announced on last night's episode of UFC Tonight that Sara McMann vs Sarah Kaufman has been added to the Aug. 28 UFC show at the Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis. This show will air on Fox Sports 1 in the US and Rogers Sportsnet in Canada. Of course we all know that Sara McMann won a silver medal in wrestling at the 2004 Olympics and her MMA record is 6-0. Based on this, some supposed experts thought she was the perfect choice as TUF coach and a title shot. WRONG! It makes me wonder if any of these supposed experts have watched Sara fight. I guess none of them wanted Miesha Tate to get that slot. My assessment of Sara McMann is she isn't aggressive enough for me. Even in her win over Sheila Gaff, Sara got the advantage because of Sheila's terrible strategy. Sheila was too aggressive and it cost her. I don't think Sara is ready for a title shot. She may come closer to that if she gets a convincing win over Sarah Kaufman. Sarah is at her best when she is aggressive. She can be a punching machine. But she has been inconsistent. She was injured for a while after she lost to Ronda Rousey last year. She returned on April's Invicta show and really needed a decisive win over Leslie Smith. She didn't get it. Sarah won by split decision and fans booed the decision so a lot didn't agree with it. This concerns me because Sarah's career has been cyclic. At times she has been dominant and won convincingly. And sometimes she wins unimpressively and it seems to affect her future fights. She gets in a funk and the Leslie Smith fight showed me that she is still in a funk obviously caused by the loss to Ronda Rousey. Sarah has said that she tries to forget about that fight. My experience is fighters learn more from losses than from wins. And she should want to know why she was so poorly prepared for Ronda's attack. It would help her prepare for future fights. Sarah Kaufman obviously has the physical ability. But sometimes the mental part of the fight game is underrated and the mental part is what concerns me about Sarah. If the Rock Em Sock Em Robot Sarah Kaufman that we all know and love shows up on Aug. 28, she should win. But if the other Sarah Kaufman shows up, that could be a problem for her. The fight should be interesting.

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