Saturday, November 10, 2012

New opponent for Erika Kamimura

Erika Kamimura, Rooma Rukkbunmi
Well, that didn't take long. A few days ago, RISE announced that Erika Kamimura will defend her WPMF World Women's Mini Flyweight Championship against Thai kickboxer Daurun Gyappaton Dec. 3 at TDC Hall. The tipoff that there was something wrong with her is they didn't give her record. So after some consultation, she was replaced yesterday by Thai kickboxer Rooma Rukkbunmi. Is she a better opponent? She actually looks like a fighter in her picture. The other girl looked like a little kid. Rooma is 16 years old and she has won 98 of her 125 fights and has 25 knockouts. The age is not unusual. They start them young in Thailand. So all credit to RISE for taking a second look and bringing in a more qualified opponent for Erika. Rise has added a second match to the show. SHOOT BOXING veteran Ai Takahashi will face J-Girls kickboxer Itsuka. Takahashi is a former SHOOT Boxing champ. She doesn't normally do straight kickboxing but she should win this match. Itsuka is more idol than kickboxer. Apparently she does fetish videos when she's not working for J-Girls. Takahashi will have a significant height and reach advantage.

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