Saturday, November 17, 2012

Cris Cyborg officially on the outside looking in

So we all know that last week Zuffa leaked to TMZ that Ronda Rousey signed with the UFC. They leaked it to TMZ because the regular MMA reporters would have wanted more details before reporting it. They don't have any more details. They are still negotiating with Showtime to end Strikeforce. But as of yesterday, Showtime has allowed Ronda to leave Strikeforce and sign a UFC contract. There's still the question of weather UFC president Dana White is in the women's MMA business or the Ronda Rousey business. I believe the latter is true for now. I don't know who Ronda's first UFC opponent will be but based on White's comments during an interview with Ariel Helwani, it won't be Cris Cyborg unless she drops to 135. Earlier this week, Cyborg again insisted that her doctor won't allow her to drop to 135 for health reasons. There may be some fans who still buy this excuse. But that number seems to be decreasing. Ronda's manager Darin Harvey said that he could find a doctor who would say the complete opposite. It's a big money fight but he says it will only happen at 135. He believes as I do that this is gamesmenship and Cyborg's real motivation is she thinks she has an advantage at 145. That's questionable. Dana White went even farther and called Cyborg a chicken. Cyborg wants to dictate the terms but she has no leverage. Ronda is the champ. She's driving the bus and has earned the right to dictate the terms. And the UFC is behind her. So until Cyborg agrees to drop to 135, the fight will not happen. And for those who keep whining that Ronda should compromise and face Cyborg at a catchweight of 140, the bottom line is this. When Cyborg tested positive for steroids, she lost the right to dictate anything. She needs to wise up. If she's healthy, the logical next opponent for Ronda is Sara McMann. The Olympic medals are a good hook. If she's not healthy, it could be Liz Carmouche. I think that Shayna Bazsler is a better opponent for Ronda than either of those two, but she was jobbed by incompetent judges in her fight with Sara McMann. I've heard other names mentioned but none of them do anything for me.

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  1. The person I really want to see Rhonda fight is Cat Zingano from Broomfield CO. She has a strong BJJ background and is extremely physical and relentless. She's not next in line yet, but that's the matchup I would like.