Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Kana leaves Wrestling New Classic

Wrestling New Classic held a show today at Korakuen Hall. On that show, Nagisa Nozaki won over Kana after some outside interference followed by a rollup pin. The was part of the WNC women's title tournament. WNC has been pushing Nozaki as part of a heel faction with two guys. Kana had Nozaki in her cross face chicken wing finisher when one of the guys came out to save Nozaki. Kana released the hold and kicked him in the balls. But it was enough of a distraction that when Kana attempted a spinning back kick, Nozaki rolled her up and won the match. Obviously Nozaki shouldn't beat Kana. So something was up. After the show in an interview with RINGSTARS, Kana announced that she is leaving WNC and will freelance in the future. Kana came over to WNC after SMASH closed. She held the SMASH championship belt. She said she is leaving for two reasons. She believes she is one of WNC's top stars and should be booked accordingly. But more importantly, they owe her four months of back pay. Her dispute is with WNC president Takashima and not with TAJIRI. They keep promising but aren't delivering. She doesn't trust them so she is leaving. She was already working for other companies and will continue to do so. It's a big hole for WNC to fill as Kana was their most talented and experienced joshi wrestler. But she doesn't feel WNC is allowing her to properly show her talent. And she's having trouble getting paid. It's time to go.

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