Thursday, November 29, 2012

MIZUKI, Kikuyo Ishikawa added to Dec. 15 JEWELS show

JEWELS added more matches to the Dec. 15 Differ Ariake show. Teen kickboxer MIZUKI and Kikuyo Ishikawa were added but not facing each other unfortunately. MIZUKI usually works for the J-Girls kickboxing company but also won the 2012 SHOOT BOXING 53.5kg Girls S-Cup. Her MMA record is 3-1 and her last fight was a win over Alex Chambers on the Mar. 3 JEWELS show. JEWELS tried to get Ham Seo Hee to be her opponent but I guess she must be injured so instead CMA Korea is sending teen idol kickboxer Song Kyung Hyo. She lost her MMA debut to Yuka Tsuji on the Sept. 29 DEEP show in Osaka. Not really an acceptable opponent. This fight is set for 52kg. Kikuyo Ishikawa will make her first JEWELS appearance in a year. She did win her last match over Shino VanHoose on the May 20 PANCRASE show in Ishikawa's home town of Okinawa. She was also announced to appear on the July 28 Invicta show but they admitted later the announcement was premature. Her record is 7-3 and she trains at Ground Slam in Yokohama. Her opponent is Tomo Maesawa. Maesawa lost her MMA debut to Mika Nagano on the Sept. 22 JEWELS show. That fight was at 52kg but this one will be at 48. So maybe it's a better weight for Maekawa. She trains at Paraestra Hachinohe. In a fight contracted for 65kg, Yurika Tanaka will face Rie Fukui. Tanaka trains at Kame Gym and she lost her MMA debut to Shizuka Sugiyama on the Sept. 22 JEWELS show. Fukui trains at Paraestra Hacinohe and is making her MMA debut. But she has some amateur grappling experience. It can be difficult to find fights for heavier girls in Japan. Most of the girls are small. It would be nice if a fighter in that weight class would break out.

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