Monday, November 05, 2012

Erika Kamimura to defend WPMF title on Dec. 2 RISE/M-1 show

Erika Kamimura, Daurun Gyappaton
RISE has announced that teen kickboxing champ Erika Kamimura will defend the WPMF World Women's Mini Flyweight Championship on the Dec. 2 RISE/M-1 show at TDC Hall. The challenger will be Daurun Gyappaton from Thailand. I have a picture of her and she looks like she's 12 years old. I don't know anything about her and she may be a teen kickboxing whiz. But knowing how Japanese promoters think, I doubt that. What's more likely is her name was pulled out of a hat and she'll fold like a cheap suitcase when she is hit in the face. RISE clearly wants an easy win for Erika because she lost at Shoot Boxing. They did the same thing in the spring when they brought in a Chinese kickboxer and Erika finished her in 30 seconds. It is not unusual for Japanese promoters to bring in a sacrificial lamb from Korea or Thailand to give a Japanese fighter a easy win. I think a competitive match would do Erika more good. And you wonder why the Japanese fight business is in the toilet.

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