Friday, August 20, 2010

Who is the real Zoila Frausto?

Here's the video from last night's Bellator show in Chicago with the 115lb Wonen's Tournament match between Zoila Frausto and Jessica Pene. Obviously Zoila is going to be much stronger than Jessica because she's bigger. Zoila made weight but it may have affected her performance. It reminded me of Zoila's match against Elisha Hellspur last fall, a fighter she should have finished but just didn't. She's in a tournament and wants to send a message to the other competitors. Going to a lackluster unanimous decision is the wrong message to send if she plans to win the tournament. Common sense says that with her strength advantage, she should take Jessica down and submit her in two minutes. She was pushing her around in the clinch. I can only assume that Zoila has zero confidence in her wrestling skills even with a clear strength advantage. Instead she wants to throw those flashy high kicks and Superman punches that expend energy and are ineffective anyway. And she hurt her foot so she doesn't even deliver those kicks properly. I don't know what Jessica's strategy was because she didn't do anything. You can't win fights in the clinch. Zoila got away with a win because she did a bit more in the clinch and did a couple of other things. And she admitted to a poor performance afterwards. Zoila's semi final match is scheduled for Sept. 16 in Milwaukee against Jessica Aguilar. Next week's Bellator show will have Lisa Ward vs Aisling Daly. My question is which Zoila Frausto will be in the semi final? Will it be the Zoila that KOd Rosi Sexton or will it be the Zoila that squeeked out a win last night? Because if that Zoila is there, she won't last long against someone as polished as Jessica Aguilar. Jessica's performance last week was a more definitive statement than what Zoila did last night. Check out the video for yourself.

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