Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Shizuka Sugiyama interview

JEWELS matchmaker Shigeru Saeki has high hopes for 21 year old rookie fighter Shizuka Sugiyama. Obviously her looks are part of the reason but she made a very impressive debut at the JEWELS debut and is scheduled to fight SHIHO at the Feb. 4 JEWELS show. JEWELS recently posted an interview with her on their blog. Shizuka Sugiyama was born Feb. 11, 1987 in New York City but she lives in Yokohama and has trained at Zen Road Karate four the last four years. She says she got interested in martial arts while attending university and then joined Zen Road Karate. She earned her black belt in karate three months ago. Shizuka says she was happy with her debut in November but would have liked the fight to be longer. She says she has to work on improving her kicks. She says she trains five days a week for four hours a day. Shizuka's main outside hobby is rugby. She plays in a house league. Professional rugby is very popular in Japan. When asked about her goals, Shizuka says though her base is karate, she wants to be known for her all around fight skills. She believes she still has a lot to learn and wants to show improvement in each fight and establish her own style. And in association with Kamipro, JEWELS has even released Shizuka Sigiyama's first photo book. The accompanying pic is from that book. Photo books for HIROKO & Saori Ishioka have also been published.

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