Sunday, March 25, 2018

Controversial judging in Invicta FC 28 main event

Last night Invicta FC 28 was in Salt Lake City. The show was OK but it just seemed to lack pizzaz. The fights ranged from dreadful to OK. But I guess there weren't any really great fights. The main event had Virna Jandiroba win the Invicta Strawweight championship over Mizuki by split decision. So that was the controversy. Two of the judges scored the fight 49-46 for Virna and that's how I scored it too. But the third judge scored it 49-46 for Mizuki. Of course there was plenty of outrage on Twitter. My job is to explain that score. I don't think it's poor judging. I just think it's a different interpretation. Conventional judging criteria says that top position wins. But what if the fighter on the bottom is unusually active. And what if the fighter on top is stalling. That leaves the door open for a different interpretation. In a nutshell, I thought Virna stalled way too much and I know she fought conservatively because Mizuki is dangerous. The big problem Mizuki had was she couldn't seem to get in top position. But except for round three, she was active from the bottom. Scoring the fight 49-46 for Mizuki goes against convention. But it's not wrong. That's why you don't leave it to the judges. Fighting conservatively is a double edged sword and judges can bite a fighter in the ass if she tries to play it safe. That almost happened in this fight. In the semi-main, DeAnna Bennett beat Karina Rodriguez by split decision. This was a dreadful fight. Karina is a teammate of Alexa Grasso and Irene Aldana which means she fights the same style. She's an OK striker but she needs to be busier. It's another example of why I would like to see the decision No Contest due to no action. Some fighters need a wake up call. Of course refs can warn them but most won't do that. Then we had Milana Dudieva over Christina Marks by second round TKO. This was another dreadful fight that went nowhere until Milana landed a decent punch and Christina folded like a cheap suitcase. Pearl Gonzalez beat Kali Robbins by unanimous decision. Kali was successful in her Invicta debut a few months ago. In this fight, she was outmuscled by someone who looked terrible in the UFC a few months ago. It won Fight Of The Night but it was nothing special. Minna Grusander won her Atomweight debut over Fernanda Barros by second round TKO. Minna could be really good at Atomweight. Kal Schwartz beat Kay Hansen by second round TKO. It had to be stopped because there was so much blood after Kal busted Kay open with an elbow. Officials had no choice. It was a mess. Kerri Kenneson won over Chelsea Chandler by unanimous decision. Chelsea started out OK but she ran out of gas by the end of round one. Jillian DeCoursey beat Rebekah LeVine by unanimous decision. And Tracy Cortez beat Kaytlin Neal by unanimous decision. I guess those two fights were blah like the rest of the show.

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