Thursday, December 28, 2017

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Sunny Day Real Estate

Artist:Sunny Day Real Estate
Song:In Circles

Sunny Day Real Estate (SDRE) could have been successful if they had been able to stay together. it's hard to build momentum when the band is always splitting up and then reforming. It's too bad because they were one of the better bands to emerge from the 90s Seattle music scene. SDRE was formed in 1992 when guitarist Dan Hoerner and bassist Nate Mendel shared a house while attending the University of Washington. They brought in drummer William Goldsmith who had been in several bands. The band name was from the Talking Heads song (Nothing But) Flowers. At first Hoerner sang lead. But Goldsmith invited his high school buddy Jeremy Enigk to try out. Enigk added a pop element to their grunge sound. He and Hoerner wrote all the songs for the 1994 CD Diary which was released by Sub Pop. SDRE appeared on The Jon Stewart Show and MTV's 120 Minutes and they went out on tour. But there was conflict when SDRE returned to the recording studio to record their second album. Enigk became a born again Christian. A second album was released. But SDRE split up before its release. Enigk released a 1996 solo album and Mendel and Goldsmith joined Foo Fighters. Diary is available as a budget CD with two bonus tracks. Enigk and Hoerner reformed SDRE in 1997. Goldsmith returned but Mendel didn't and he was replaced. After the 1998 album How It Feels To Be Something On, SDRE left Sub Pop for Time Bomb Recordings distributed by BMG. After the 2000 CD The Rising Tide, they split up again after Time Bomb pulled funding for a tour. Enigk, Goldsmith and Mendel formed The Fire Theft who released an album in 2003. Hoener retreated to his farm in rural Washington. Enigk released a 2006 solo album. SDRE reformed to tour in 2009. In 2010, Hoerner said they were working on a new album. But it never happened and SDRE split up for good in 2013. Enigk just released a new solo album. Mendel is still with Foo Fighters. Here's the video for In Circles by Sunny Day Real Estate.

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