Saturday, December 23, 2017

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Eddie Izzard

Artist:Eddie Izzard
Song:The Nottingham Twang

Eddie Izzard has been a very successful standup comic. So many of today's comedians seem very similar. Izzard has done a good job of standing out in the crowd. He has also done acting in films and on stage. He was born Feb. 7, 1962 in Colony of Aden which is now Yemen. His father was an accountant for British Petroleum. His family moved to Northern Ireland and then Wales. His mother died of cancer when he was age 6. Izzard went to boarding schools. Izzard says he knew he was transgender at age 4. And not long after, he knew he wanted to be an actor. He performed in stage shows as a teen. He got into comedy while studying accounting at Sheffield University. He started out as a street performer but by the late 80s he was performing regularly in London clubs. One of the things that set Izzard apart is he performed in a dress and that was part of his humor. He also started getting into acting on stage, films and TV. He released his first home video in 1993. The Nottingham Twang is from his 2003 CD/DVD Glorious. It's available as a budget CD. Among his more significant acting roles was in the 2003 Broadway revival of A Day In The Death Of Joe Egg and the Showtime series United States Of Tara. He seems to do a lot of miniseries on British TV. And he does a lot of voice work. Izzard published his memoirs in October. So he's been on a book tour and doing comedy shows. He will begin 2018 touring France. Apparently he speaks several languages. Here's Eddie Izzard performing The Nottingham Twang from the 2003 DVD Glorious.

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