Saturday, December 30, 2017

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Francoise Hardy

Artist:Francoise Hardy
Song:Et Meme
Album:The Vogue Years

Francoise Hardy was one of France's most successful pop singers in the 60s. She was also successful in films and modelling. Attempts to have her sing in English and sell her in the US didn't work. But she had success in England. Et Meme charted in England. She was born Jan. 17, 1944 in Paris. Her parents were divorced and she was raised by her mom. Her musical influences included french stars like Charles Trenet and Anglophones like Cliff Richard and Marty Wilde who were popular in Europe. In 1962, she answered a newspaper ad looking for singers and she signed with Vogue. Her very first single Tout Les Garcons et Les Filles topped the French charts. It's her signature song though Francoise hated the record because she didn't enjoy recording it. It set her up for the rest of the decade as all her songs were hits in France. Et Meme is from the 1964 album Mon Amie La Rose. It was released in the US in 1966 as Maid In Paris. It reached #11 in France and it charted in England. Francoise wrote Et Meme as she wrote most of her songs. It was produced by Vogue house producer Jacques Wolfsohn and arranged and conducted by Charles Blackwell. These guys worked on all of Francoise's 60s recordings. You can get them all on this 2CD comp. Francoise did plenty of modelling at the time. She also appeared in films mostly in France. But you may have seen her in the 1966 film Grand Prix. She recorded in several languages including English. That was successful in Europe but not in the US. As the 60s ended, Francoise changed her music to more of a folk music style. Francoise has lived with singer Jacques Dutronc since 1973. They married in 1981. Health problems have slowed her down in recent years. I would say she is semi-retired. She's a living legend in France. Here's Francoise Hardy performing Et Meme Apr. 1965.

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