Saturday, November 25, 2017

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Xiaonan Yan vs Kailin Curran

Here's the match video of Xiaonan Yan vs Kailin Curran from today's UFC show in Shanghai. I don't think Kailin is a UFC caliber fighter. She was 1-5 in the UFC going into this fight. She needed a win. She has a lot of flaws and I don't know if farming her out to Invicta like some suggest woild make any difference. Yan is 28 years old from Liaoning, China with an 8-1 record. She is mainly a striker. And she came out swinging in round one. She throws hard and she rocked Kailin a few times. She also has very good takedown defence. Kailin doesn't have the punching power to brawl with Yan. So Yan won the first two rounds. I thought Yan tired in round three. But Kailin needed a finish. Winning round three wasn't going to be enough. So I scored the fight 29-28 for Yan. And she won by unanimous decision. An impressive performance by Yan. I look forward to her next fight. Enjoy the video!

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