Friday, November 03, 2017

Atomweight Championship contenders match to headline Dec. 3 DEEP JEWELS show

SARAMI, Tomo Maesawa
Yesterday DEEP JEWELS announced an Atomweight Championship number one contenders match will headline DEEP JEWELS 18 Dec. 3 at Shinjuku FACE. A bunch of other matches have been announced as well. But I was waiting for the main event. It will be SARAMI vs Tomo Maesawa. The winner will get a shot at Mina Kurobe's DEEP JEWELS Atomweight Championship. Both are experienced fighters but neither are elite fighters. SARAMI is 27 years old. She used to train at home in Toyama. But she now trains at PANCRASEism in Yokohama. Her record is 10-9. She's inconsistent at best. Same thing with Tomo. She's 29 years old. She trains at Reversal Gym Tachikawa ALPHA. King REINA is a teammate. Her record is 9-7. SARAMI won when these two fought in May. Emi Tomimatsu was supposed to be in this match but she's injured. As fighters, all are about the same. But Emi has more personality so she's a bigger draw. They need personalities to sell tickets. DEEP JEWELS has announced eight other matches. Six of the sixteen fighters are debuting. That's even a tougher sell. In a Flyweight bout, Kana Watanabe will face Hikari. Both are debuting. Kana has competed in several judo tournament but it looks like she never won. Hikari is from Niigata. It says she has 15 years of judo experience. And she won an amateur match in Shooto in September. In an Atomweight match, Hikaru Aono will face Anna Kiriyama. Hikaru trains at Strapple in Kanigawa. She fought to a draw on an ACB show in Osaka. She wrestled at Nihon University. Anna is making her MMA debut. She trains karate at Zendokai and has competed in tournaments. In an Atomweight bout, Tomomi Souda will face Madoka Ishibashi. Tomomi is making her pro MMA debut but she has amateur MMA experience and Shoot Boxing. Madoka has an 0-2 pro record. She trains at Alliance owned by RIZIN fighter Tsuyoshi Kosaka. She likes to pose provocatively at weigh ins. She doesn't seem to be much of a fighter. In an Atomweight bout, Mizuki Furuse will face ARAMI. Mizuki is a 16 year old high school student from Kanigawa. Her record is 1-2. Her win was over Madoka Ishibashi. ARAMI is a high school student from Kyoto. She won her pro debut in Road FC in June. And she also won a RIZIN sponsored amateur tournament last year. In a Strawweight bout, Sayuri Yamaguchi will face Mao. Sayuri trains at WK Hearts. Her record is 0-2. Her last loss was to one of the DATE girls. That's not a good sign. Mao is making her MMA debut. Apparently she's new to martial arts but experienced at cycling. I dunno about this. In a Flyweight bout, Kasia will face RYO. Both are debuting. Kasia is from New Zealand but she lives in Japan and trains at Miburo. She has competed in BJJ tournaments. RYO trained in college but after some time away, she recently returned to training at Brave. In a Flyweight bout, Yukari Nabe will face Yurika Nakakura. Yukari is 29 years old from Toyama. Her record is 2-2 and she lost to Kanako Murata on the Sept 16 DEEP show. Yurika is 3-2 but she hasn't fought since 2014 when she lost to Shizuka Sugiyama. Finally in an Atomweight bout, Yuko Kiryu will face Kyu Kitano. Yuko is 30 years old. Her record is 5-5. She lost to Tomo Maesawa on a recent DEEP show. She has a lot of sex appeal. Kyu is 1-1 and she trains at Brave. Kyu won when they fought on a 2016 Grachan show. I don't know if any of these fighters will be any good. The problem is you can't fill a card with these kind of fighters. All these fights look like filler to me. A couple of fighters are more suitable as ring girls.

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