Sunday, November 12, 2017

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Tatiana Suarez vs Viviane Pereira

Here's the match video of Tatiana Suarez vs Viviane Pereira from last night's UFC show in Norfolk, VA. Tatiana won TUF 23. I thought she was the only decent fighter to come from that show. She's from Rancho Cucomonga, CA. She was supposed to fight last year but she had to have shoulder surgery. So this fight is her comeback. Her record coming into this fight was 4-0. Viviane's record was 13-0. That makes it look like she is a lot more experienced. But that record is padded with low level Brazilian fighters. She won her first two UFC fights. But I didn't think she looked very good. Her opponents were just worse than her. So Tatiana is a big step up in competition. One never knows how a fighter will be after major surgery. The fight went as I expected. Tatiana dominated but she wasn't able to get a finish. She probably isn't happy about that but she probably needed three rounds to shake off the cage rust. But I thought she did very well after being off for a long time. I scored the fight 30-26 for Tatiana. Now we need to see Tatiana face ranked fighters. She stood out on TUF 23 and I still think she has championship potential. I want to see her against better competition. Enjoy the video!

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